We are a community, a think tank, and an education startup.

Our mission is to move the needle on civic engagement, primarily of women and female identifying people.



    The days of "I'm not political" are long over. We are in it now.

    And we need to support each other at every step. Join us for Poli-Anna Pop-Up Coffeeshops. We have jargon-free (there's a bell), nonjudgemental, open conversation on a variety of broad topics like patriarchy, activism, patriotism. There are no action steps. We share resources and provide support for wherever everyone is in their politics and activism. 

    Join to list to be notified of the next Poli-Anna Pop-Up Coffeeshop. Let us know if you would like to host one!

    Poli-Anna is nonpartisan and cause agnostic. Learn more about what we stand for in our FAQs.

    Courses, content, and community.

    We're working on more content, like Get Politics 101. We are passionate about exploring new ways of reaching people and increasing civic engagement, through more courses, content, events, documentaries, research, and even a coffee shop!