Lena Gilbert is an actress, dancer, public speaking coach, and politics enthusiast. She is the product of parents from opposite ends of the political spectrum—discussion has always been awkward, confusing and taboo. She never took Poli-Sci in college but voraciously consumes news, stories, and information, in an effort to try to make up for that perceived lack. Lena plays roller derby under the name Passius Play.

Evan Sargent is a freelance creative director and founder of Ev&Co. She aced Poli-Sci 101 in college, having rarely attended the class. After asking two friends to explain government and politics over a couple of beers, she wrote a term paper for an A+ and a comment from the professor: "Excellent command of the material." Evan has a reverence for and fascination with how we learn and all we do and do not understand.