Poli-Anna Phase 1

We are gearing up to shoot the pilot "episode" of our launch course, Get Politics 101. Working with comedy director Tessa Greenberg and rising talent including members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, our aim is to make the world's first online course that viewers want to devour like their favorite comedy talk show. It will be like a conversation with smart, funny friends, where you learn things. It will be entertaining, and important.

A panel of experts (a professor, an activist, and a elected official, for example) and a core group of "life-long-learners" will talk politics around a table with a hilarious comedian moderator. 

Because we wish to crush perceived barriers to engagement, Poli-Anna is a shame-free zone. This means there are no wrong answers and no stupid questions. A jargon bell is available to all participants, leaving no room for confusing insider language.

We believe in learning through conversation (and laughing.) That's why our course is formatted as a discussion, not a teacher talking to camera. The videos will live on our site, where course modules will feature a curriculum, specific learning goals, and interactive quizzes and activities. An online community will be accessible so participants can support each other along the way as each follows along with the course on her/his own time.

Poli-Anna is an important and necessary resource. Help us make it a reality by becoming a backer.

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